Each year in the month of January we talk about vision at Bayside. In 2019, this was especially important. Our Lead Pastor, Randy Bezet, had fresh vision to share that resulted in the a brand new set of core values for our church. After 15 years of serving our community under the core values: Love God, Love Others, Pursue Excellence, and Enjoy Life; we changed our values to: Know God, Find Family, Live in Freedom, and Discover Purpose.

While brainstorming this new direction and how to represent it visually, we came upon the idea of a monolithic passageway. A door to something new. We envisioned beautiful imagery of nature, driven by a moving and passionate voiceover that sounded like an old recording of a preacher, and supported with bold title design. We leaned into visuals of nature because of the verse we were using as our base was Isaiah 43:19&20, which uses nature to illustrate God’s power.

We also know that when communicating such a large vision shift, stories are our most powerful tool, and we needed to incorporate them as an integral part of this series. Our visuals of nature and title design carried over into our stories to create a unique and beautiful look.

Naming the series was a long process in and of itself. It took us some time to land on the perfect title, but when we did it made perfect sense. “All In” communicates that as we are stepping into this new season, it’s for everyone. It’s dual purpose in that it’s an invitation to join, and it’s going to take some hard work to accomplish God’s vision for our church.


To capture the visuals we needed, we knew that we wouldn’t be able to use stock footage of nature. A small portion of our film team traveled to California and Oregon to capture stunning imagery of nature. We spent several weeks researching and planning for remote locations, and only had 4 days to shoot it including travel days.

Our goal was to find places that looked as if they were never touched by man. Although many of our locations are scenic tourist destinations, we captured in a way that you can’t tell. We created a document to reference our locations and keep us on track. You can view the document by clicking the image here.


In addition to filming these locations, there were several scenes we knew we needed to create a doorway. We built a rough door that we could track in After Effects and apply effects to. This worked well and we were able to create a pretty convincing effect by utilizing 3D camera tracking and plugins from Red Giant.