At the movies is a series we do every year at Bayside. It’s a time that our entire church looks forward to when we use films as sermon illustrations. During this series, each person who walks in get’s popcorn and coke, there’s photo opportunities around every corner, and you can even find characters from our favorite films walking around our foyer environments.

Our creative team capitalizes on the At the Movies series by choosing several messages each year that are taught on-location. This means we travel or create a set that’s designed to immerse our communicator and our viewer within locations from the film.

We often get questions about At the Movies and how we go about it, so below we’ve provided a FAQ that answers the most common questions. Due to copyright protections, we’re not able to publicly share our At the Movies messages, but you can fill out the form below and we’ll provide you with a private link to view them.


Can I watch your At the Movies messages?

Yes you can! Just click the button above to fill out a form and we’ll send you a private link.

How can I legally play movies in my service?

You’ll need to purchase a license from CVLI. They cover 95% of all films, but you’ll want to make sure your film is covered before playing it. Learn more by CLICKING HERE.

How do I legally acquire films/clips for use in my message?

This is a tricky one and it’s ever changing. Legally, we cannot inform you of how to acquire the film other than to say you must purchase it before any alterations are made. Pirating a film is not legal, even with a CVLI license. Services such as ScreenVue allow you to download specific, pre-edited clips.

How do you decide what movies to use for the series?

We have meetings and decide on a list of 5-8 films that have teaching potential and will connect with a wide audience. We narrow it down through future meetings and with our communicators.